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Bridezilla has left the building

Bianca C. The first time I met my hairdresser was at my wedding hair trial. The appointment was scheduled at 4pm and she was to come to my apartment in Majorca. My makeup trial was at 3pm so it all fitted in perfectly. 7 hours later, 5 different hairstyles and still not knowing what I was going to have on the big day but it didnt matter because the three of us, along with my mum where sipping on prosecco eating chocolate covered strawberries on our balcony having the best time ever. Wedding day came and my mum went to go and get my specially selected head piece only to return and tell us that she had accidentally left in at home in Manchester. My hair dresser mid way through my hair picks out a pearl hair clip from her bag and starts cutting up. She clipped in my hair and low and behold it was the understated beuty my beaded dress needed. It was perfect. It was fate. I love my hairdresser!
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