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hair adventure borns strong bonds

Constantin M. My strong bond story began in 1986 when I was working together with another 15 colleagues at a hair salon . One day a girl came in with her friend to have her hair cut, she also wanted to observe how i worked because she was a student at hair School. This happened again because she liked the way we cut and she wanted to see how we worked. Meanwhile, a relationship was formed a kind of connection between Hairdresser and customer whose common goal is the hair. Everything would have gone well if I had not introduced her to a famous French Hairdresser for a show ,seeing that she was beautiful ! The show proved to be a success but not for her! Double bleached hair, those moments I would have liked to exist fiber- plex Her over progressive hair – her yellow hair put an end to our connection and her visits to the hair salon , i never looked for and felt disappointed because l had been the one to introduce her to the show. And now the surprise ! In the first place, Two years later in 1988 at salon international at Wembley exhibition stadium, in a huge open air hair show I saw a girl in the opposite stand waving at me,it was her! (life of strong bond’s hair adventure never stops! ) . we spent the weekend on sallon and when we returned we started working together . Today we have two sons and a professional career which is the result of hard work. And I am here today outmen 2016, like every year before with the girl who was waving at me on the opposite stand , here at salon international where it all re- started, deferent places – same people , life of hair adventure never stops ! Malss Constantin Athens Creece
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